Photographer Amanda Prior is a keen collaborator. When not shooting for a range of interior and lifestyle magazines, she can be found working with the likes of stylist Claire Delmar [interview] on The Palete Project. Or creating art-inspired product shots for ceramicist Hayden Youlley. “When you love your job as much as I do and have passion in it, it’s important to enjoy every moment it brings,” Amanda says. “Also, to cherish the people you enjoy working with.” Since she was last featured on Daily Imprint, she has also travelled to the UK on several occasions to shoot for Marks & Spencer “Homes”, as well as other editorial clients. Portraiture is a big part of Amanda’s oeuvre too. One of her proudest achievements was photographing an Australian “Legends” stamp series that featured women such as Eva Cox, Elizabeth Evatt and Anne Summers. Amanda says that another exciting project was travelling on the Queen Victoria from Fiji to New Zealand for a feature in Vogue Entertaining & Travel. During this period she has been raising two young children and is currently expecting her third child. “Having children and a career involves a lot of give and I think I finally know my balance between motherhood and the world of freelance photography,” she says.

The original interview with Amanda Prior was published on 8 February 2008.

Amanda Prior knew from an early age that she wanted to be a photographer. She started studying her craft at age 15 and continued her interest in it throughout a nine-year career in modelling. She went on to assist for many years before becoming the in-house photographer for Inside Out magazine. Since then she has gone freelance and regularly works for a range of still life, interior, food and portrait clients.

What five words best describe you? Busy, organised, sensitive, passionate, stubborn.

What's your proudest achievement? Competing for NSW in Javelin at 17, I came fifth.

Who inspires you? Career women who have children and continue to do great work. Busy photographers who spend time on personal work. Humble, elite athletes like Roger Federer.

What are you passionate about? Photography and travelling - a combination of both. I like working with people who plan well, then put care and passion into what they are doing.

What's the best lesson you've learnt? Enjoy now and don't worry about what's next.

Which person living or dead would you most like to meet? My grandmother – on both sides.

What are you excited about? My next overseas photography job – sailing from Fiji to New Zealand to photogaph the Queen Victoria.

What's next? Personal work.

images courtesy of amanda prior; styling claire delmar (1, 2); jessica hanson (4)