Brooke Holm is part of the new wave of Australian photographers who know and respect the old ways of shooting, but are also are savvy to and making a name for themselves in the online world. Her work has been published in interior magazines such as Inside Out and Real Living as well as on leading Australian design sites. All the while she has been garnering a significant following on Instagram, and spoken of the art of photography through a series of workshops for The School. Alongside the editorial work, is a series of advertising campaigns with friend and colleague Marsha Golemac for brands such as Kate and Kate, and Lightly. One of Brooke's first jobs was as the in-house photographer for Kikki.K. All of this stems from an almost accidental introduction to her craft while working at an advertising agency in Brisbane - where she grew up after her family moved to Australia from the USA. While Brooke is now based in Melbourne, she likes to pack her bags at any given opportunity and head out into nature to create images for her fine art photography work.

Which five words best describe you? Please give me the snacks.

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? My career started by accident: I was working for an ad agency as an assistant/jack of all trades. One day they asked me to go out and take point-and-shoot shots of billboards they had produced. They liked what I brought back so I ended up doing more and more shoots for them before realising I could seriously consider it as a career. I studied part time while working and as soon as I finished, I quit my job and moved to Melbourne. I then got a full-time job working for Kikki.K and shooting their product and campaigns. Before long I was freelancing for them as well as building up my personal client list. Special thanks must go to Lucy from The Design Files and Megan Morton (both incredible ladies) for helping me get my name out there with early work I did with them. Once word of mouth is out there, people will seek you out. For my commercial career, I find myself shooting a lot of product campaigns, interiors, some food, fashion and editorial. For my personal work you will find me in another country exploring the landscapes, taking photographs and making huge fine art prints out of them.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? There is always room for improvement, you just need to be determined to be better than yourself every time. Don’t get hung up on looking at other people’s work, and just find your own way. It also helps if you always move forward. If you want something, you have to make it happen. So just do it. 

What’s your proudest career achievement? Marsha and I recently had the pleasure of having our first photographic exhibition ‘Workbook'. We created a book with K.W Doggett, along with an exhibition of large scale fine art prints. Now we have something tangible and entirely our own that we can be proud of. It’s so rewarding when your personal projects are finally given the time of day as they always get pushed to last priority. And it’s just a bonus doing it with your BFF. It’s also wonderful to have such incredible businesses such as K.W Doggett supporting the little people. They’re amazing and so generous.

What’s been your best decision? Moving to Melbourne.

Who inspires you? There are a lot of photographers, stylists, art directors and designers out there who inspire me, but I’d have to say my biggest inspiration is Marsha Golemac. Not only does she always have my back, but she pushes me out of my comfort zone creatively. When there is a rut, she is always there to pull me out and vice-versa. I am supremely lucky to have her. I’m also inspired by nature, which you will notice more through my personal work. There’s nothing like an enormous mountainous landscape to freshen your perspective on life. I can’t get enough of it and am always planning my next trip to remote locations.

What are you passionate about? Mountains, travel, food, family, friends, big ideas and great work.

Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Ansel Adams. That man was a damned genius. 

What dream do you still want to fulfil? Travel. There are so many places on my list. I’m slowly ticking them off but it’s an ongoing process.

What are you reading? I’m always midway through a Game of Thrones book. I think I’m up to number five currently. It’s nice to escape from reality every so often. 

images courtesy of brooke holm and marsha golemac 

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