stylist jane frosh

Jane Frosh worked in events for 10 years before starting her own company, Show.Pony. From her base in the Blue Mountains, NSW she creates everything from weddings to shop-front windows. Jane also customises ram skulls, which can be bought through Lisa Madigan. Her country home, where she lives with her three children, and which has been featured in Country Style magazine, is available as a location.

Which five words best describe you? Interest + inspiration = Accomplish. (Then) move on.

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? I began in the world of theatre working for a large-scale rock and roll/theatre promoter. After learning the ropes I then moved into event production working with a technical production company. After 10 or so years in events I recently started my own events company, show.pony, with my business partner, who also happens to be a designer. Our team produce bespoke events that indulge the appetite for something new and exciting. We treat events as you would an interior design shoot. We look to international trends for inspiration and focus on the world of interiors, design and fashion to bring something new to the Australian events industry. I have noticed over time that through designing and producing amazing, bespoke events, there was an undeniable and growing passion for the aesthetic side of the production. I relish the design and install of decor and the overall styling and consequently have been working more and more as stylist with an events company on the side, than as producer with aspirations of becoming a stylist!

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Of a project, an interior, an event: to trust my judgement. The instant you doubt your creativity and your design you lose your edge and consequently your impact.

What’s your proudest career achievement? I see every single project as an achievement. I put 100 per cent of my energy and passion into each and every job. I take my work super seriously, and feel honoured to have been chosen by each particular client to deliver their "baby", their project. I sleep, eat and live my work. I give it my all, deliver it in the best possible way and then move onto the next. So, I am proud of all of my work.

What’s been your best decision? To trust that I am a good stylist, that I do have a good eye, and that I can deliver good work and creative design in such a cut-throat industry.

Who inspires you? People who are passionate about their chosen path are incredibly inspiring. I just adore the work of the sass & bide girls. A glimpse of one of their style boards can send me into a creative spin for days! Glen Proebstel. What an amazing man and an incredibly clever stylist. He does the "best bed" in the industry. Lyn Gardener. She designs the perfect mash of sophistication and industrial cool. My business partner. His mind for design and his dedication to delivery is truly exceptional. My floral designer. She gets my way of thinking totally. I can email her with "I need something Midsummer's night dream-ish mixed with industrial concrete" and she nails it every single time!

What are you passionate about? Good design and delivering what I propose. Colour. Form. Space (both positive and negative). Learning. Experiencing. Being.

Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Francis Bacon. The stuff that must of gone on in that man’s head!

What dream do you still want to fulfil? I would love to work as a stylist for Vogue Living... just putting it out there! I would also love to travel with my three children. They need to see places like Morocco and India whilst they are still young enough to accept and immerse themselves in different cultures.

What are you reading? The ever increasing pile of interior design magazines stacked on the desk in my studio and Sibella Court's Stylist's Guide to NYC (for the zillionth time) before I head to NY in August to spend some AMAZING time with design guru, Abigail Ahern.

images courtesy of jane frosh; tree house and house exterior courtesy of country style magazine and sharyn cairns