artist mika utzon popov

On a recent house shoot I came across the art of Mika Utzon Popov. He is an artist who was born in Denmark but who has also moved between Spain and Australia. Mika studied at the National Art School in Sydney and is currently residing here. He has held solo exhibitions in London, Denmark, Spain, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Bruxelles. Last year he had an exhibition at the Australian Galleries in Paddington.
While in Spain, he lectured in artistic drawing at the University of Architecture in Barcelona. If his name is familiar, it's because he's the grandson of Jørn Utzon, who designed the Sydney Opera House.

Which five words best describe you? Not sure I know yet.
How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? It started when someone put a pencil in my hand and I just kept following the line.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Be honest, you are the only thing unique in your work.
What’s your proudest career achievement? My first solo exhibition. I knew that if only one person understood it I was happy.
What’s been your best decision? Marrying my wife.
Who inspires you? People.
What are you passionate about? Love.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Picasso.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? To be able to breathe under water.
What are you reading? At the moment, my old sketchbooks, my grandmother's bible and my son's dinosaur dictionary.

images courtesy of mika utzon popov; portrait kirsten fazio