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After four years working at cutting-edge fashion magazine Russh, Kym Ellery crossed the print line and became a designer, launching her brand. But it's not altogether surprising given that she had completed a certificate in fashion design in Perth, where she was born, prior to moving to Sydney. Kym had also studied fashion illustration and sketchbook building at the acclaimed college Central St Martins in London. Most recently Ellery was nominated for the Quintessentially Awards Asia Pacific in the Emerging Fashion Designer category.

Which five words best describe you? Opinionated. Energetic. Ambiguous. Specific. Ambitious.

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? I began when I was quite young and started out working for an independent magazine called RUSSH. I worked in the fashion department and it was a fantastic place for me to be exposed to fashion both in Australia and internationally. I then decided to start my own brand almost five years ago and have been working towards perfecting it ever since.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? To work as hard as you can and always do the right thing.

What’s your proudest career achievement? Starting the E L L E R Y gazette. A bi-annual book-zine that I cannot wait to distribute worldwide in the coming year!

What’s been your best decision? To skip too much studying and jump straight into working on building a brand. The lessons I learnt along the way no college could teach.

Who inspires you? My mother and Amy Child, my assistant.

What are you passionate about? Art. Values. Visual stimulation. Helping people feel good through dressing.

Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Andy Warhol. I simply love reading his books. I think his take on life is so unique and I really relate to so much of his work.

What dream do you still want to fulfil? Having a showcase in Paris. I hope that it is not too far away!

What are you reading? Charles Bukowski's Pulp, Paris Vogue and lots of business Excel spreadsheets!

images courtesy of ellery (portrait daniel nadel)

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