fabric ideas for spring

A little while ago I wrote about meeting and working with photographer Todd Sutherland. I can now share the images we created together. It was for the decorating feature in the September issue of Marie Claire, which is on sale now.

The brief was "fabric" with a focus on spring. 101 Ideas is a regular section in the magazine, and each month it comprises two spreads with five shots in each. They need to be different but complementary.

After so much time working at real living, my tendency is to think about what I can "make". But the products had to be items you could buy. Also, I am forever adding layers to shots (another trait from working on so many RL shoots), but Marie Claire (and Todd) prefer simpler, more graphic images. It was a good challenge to adapt my way of styling.

Once I settled on the two looks - geometrics and brights - the rest started to fall into place.

If you want to see a little more detail, simply click on the images.

images courtesy of marie claire and todd sutherland

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