designers michael and tessa bautovich

One of the unexpected joys of being involved in The Living Room project just before Christmas was getting to know Tessa and Michael Bautovich from The Lowercase a little bit better. They have bravely stepped away from their respective careers in publishing and graphic design to focus on their new brand, which in a way merges both of their interests. It's lovely to see thoughtful and imaginative design coming out of Sydney.

Which five words best describe you? In unison, we are a combination of the quirky, the esoteric, the passionate, the colourful... and the obsessive (especially when it comes to attention to detail).

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? Previously we were both in traditional professions within the arts sector (publishing and graphic design respectively), however Michael and I shared a common love of "the creative process", so in a very deliberate pursuit of the extraordinary we established The Lowercase. Through the brand we aspire to produce timeless, classic designs that adapt and shape to a myriad of modern lifestyles. We commenced designing the range in 2009, and released the launch collection late 2010, which includes embroidered Egyptian bedlinen, sustainable tableware and functional stationery.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? You can’t rush the process of creative thought. A new idea can be born at any moment, by anyone, anywhere... sometimes when you least expect it.

What’s your proudest career achievement? Hearing from several of our Melbourne and Sydney stockists that The Lowercase collection sold-out in their respective stores pre-Christmas trading.

What’s been your best decision? To thoroughly examine the integral relationship that exists between form and function and place this correlation at the forefront of all our design and production work.

Who inspires you? Message-bearers of imaginative thought, such as Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato, and Italian designers Bitossi and Alessi.

What are you passionate about? Great design - across any discipline - from the modular construction and streamlining apparent in Bauhaus furniture design to the elegance and symmetry of Art Deco architecture.

Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? The inspirational Charles and Ray Eames (for a dream-double-date)!

What dream do you still want to fulfill? Our aim is to keep pushing the boundaries of thoughtful design in a broader global context so we can continue to inspire others with a sense of lightness and ‘magic’.

What are you reading?

Tessa: Tender is The Night by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Michael: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alain De Botton

images courtesy of the lowercase