christmas with jacqui lewis

Hands down, the best Christmas greeting this year goes to Jacqui Lewis. In fact, it's an all-timer. Jacqui came up with the idea to produce a 16-page card called The Art Of A Merry Christmas. It's part Christmas guide, part the best of summer manual, and all good. She styled many of the pages in her living room, photographed everything, designed it, and handwrote a personalised message on the back of each one.

Here is an excerpt from Jacqui's piece on The Art Of Gift Giving: For The Ladies:
"The art of a good gift is a personalised one. I think commissioning an art piece for someone special is truly a fantastic thing. Better still though, is giving someone something you made especially for them. I do this as much as I can, and love it when friends do it for me. The framed photo featured is by photographer Jai Odell which he took in New York for me as a gift for my 30th, and I love it as much as I do the paper horse Anna-Wili Highfield made for me many years ago. You just cannot beat these kinds of gifts. If you don't have a creative bone in your body, or if an artist is not within budget, (or on hand), then these are some other cute things to give this Christmas... The wall dots are from Ponyrider, and opposite, left to right, Virginie Castaway Striped Top, Medicinal Jars, Leather Ballet Flats (all from Biird)."

images courtesy of jacqui lewis

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