christmas with stylist marie nichols

This week I thought it would be fun to get into the Christmas holiday spirit. So I've asked some of the amazing people I've got to know this year to share their pictures and thoughts on what inspires them over this period.

The first post is from stylist Marie Nichols, who has recently returned back to the UK after living and working in Sydney. She's also just updated the portfolio on her website, and her blog is a good way to keep up date with her work, adventures and inspirations.

Marie Nichols: "So many things inspire me about Christmas but this year I’m feeling really inspired by snow. I had the most fantastic 14 months living and working in Sydney but for me Christmas without log fires, and a chill in the air just isn’t Christmas. Last year we missed the first white Christmas for as far back as I can remember, so this year I’m keeping everything crossed. Within 3 days of our arrival back to the UK we had 10 inches of snow! I felt so inspired that I dashed out and spent a good hour playing with bakers twine to shoot my Christmas card for this year... Seriously I couldn’t feel my fingers afterwards but it looked pretty so I was happy!"

image courtesy of marie nichols

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