ubabub's natasha dumais

Well, I did tell you that the sponsors of Daily Imprint are people who live interesting and inspiring lives... So meet Natasha Dumais. We have been in correspondence since her Melbourne home was photographed for Real Living a short time ago. It's going to appear in the December issue of the magazine (subscribers may already have their copy). It's beautifully designed in a midcentury modern way and not surprising really, given Natasha is a designer on many levels. She is the creative director of Magnetic Design, and most recently one half of Ubabub, which I actually thought was a product that had been imported into Australia when I first saw it.

Which five words best describe you? Energetic, enthusiastic, easy-going, optimistic, loud.
How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? My career kick-started working as a graphic designer for Andrew Hoyne Design. Andrew’s endless energy and passion for design was very contagious. I then took on a bit of a career divergence working with a new media company Swish, predominantly doing print and pattern design for Australian decorative surfaces company Laminex. In 2002, I launched my own design studio Magnetic Design, specialising in branding for the corporate, retail and fashion sectors. I am still running this design studio today, together with my good friend Belle Adzijovski and husband Daniel Dumais. Our talented designers at Magnetic inspire me daily with their creative ways. After the birth of our first daughter Bianca in 2006, we decided that we weren’t busy enough and that we needed to chase another dream! It was then, that my husband and I called a very geeky whiteboard session one weekend and decided on the idea of Ubabub. My work life is now split between Ubabub and Magnetic and by 5.30pm I’ve well and truly clocked out of work mode and into my other job as Mum.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Self-belief and the benefits of positive self-talk.
What’s your proudest career achievement? Seriously, I have one of these every morning when I get in to work. Knowing that I am crazy enough to juggle two businesses and family life! For all you working mums out there, you know that sigh-of-relief and sense of achievement you have knowing you have done the mountain of things that are required to get your family organised and out the door of a morning.
What’s been your best decision? The decision to work with my very clever husband, Daniel. Our skills are extremely complementary with his background in business and logistics, he is, by far, my best sounding board. Teaming with Daniel has also allowed me more time to focus on the creative aspects of my work which I love.
Who inspires you? People who have a lust for life and want to share it with others through their creativity, humour, music and stories. Some of my favourite creatives are Mina Perhonen, Jenny Bowers, Sanna Annuka, Charley Harper, Armi Ratia of Marimekko, Beci Orpin and David Band.
What are you passionate about? A lot!! Colour (and finding the ultimate colour combination) print + pattern, typography, mid-century modern design and architecture, well-executed ideas-driven design, scouring blogs, well-dressed people AND most of all, my ultra gorgeous daughters Bianca and Sabine.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Gosh, I have no real desire to meet anyone famous. I think I’d probably like some time with my grandparents again.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? Here are two that are at the top of my list:
1. To spend 6 months travelling around Australia with my kids, just us and a campervan. I particularly want to experience the Kimberley in WA.
2. To do an architectural tour of mid-century modernist houses in LA and the Hollywood Hills. Someone please tell me if this exists.
What are you reading? I have just joined the Meet Me at Mikes online bookclub. Every couple of months they choose a classic and contemporary piece of fiction. This time round the books are – Classic Anne of Green Gables and Contemporary The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy. I’m hoping to find the time to finish both!

images courtesy of ubabub