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I was looking through a recent issue of Elle Decor and fell in love with one of the spreads styled by Carlos Mota. His name was familiar and when I checked out his website, sure enough he had an extensive portfolio. Since contacting Carlos, I've also learnt that he has recently published a book Chic & Cheap Flowers with Random House. Just beautiful.

Which five words best describe you? Fast, impatient,loyal, reliable, funny and unexpected.
What was your first job/career and what path have you taken since? First job was as an interior designer assistant which led me to become a freelance interiors stylist then editor at large at Elle Decor. Now, I'm a free man of the world of interiors styling and design consultant.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Don't wait for anyone to do anything. Do it yourself, now. Time is precious as we become older. Believe in the stupidity of people, which sounds rude but no one else will do a better job than yourself! And write thank you notes.
What's your proudest career achievement? My new book Chic & Cheap Flowers.
What's been your best decision? Moving to New York City and following my instincts.
Who inspires you? Anyone different, anyone outrageous, anyone with great personality and a sense of style, anyone with a great sense of humour and a great pair of legs. Colour, 18th-century furniture, the ocean, YSL, Balenciaga. Art in any form and shape, especially old Dutch masters and minimal art. Lately, ceramics and porcelain.
What are you passionate about? Eating good simple food, travelling, meeting people , my iphone camera or new technology, chickens and going to museums.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Oh so many: Catherine the Great, Louis XIV, Marie Louise de Noailles, Marlene Dietrich, Francis Bacon, Maria Felix, Jean Michael Frank, any Egyptian king or queen, Elizabeth Taylor, Freddie Mercury, all in my small apartment in NYC for a buffet dinner.
Which dream do you still want to fulfil? To own a private plane or a magazine.
What are you reading? I don't read since I am a visual person! All information comes through my eyes.

images courtesy of carlos mota and william waldron

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