ink's jonathan casciani

One of the most common queries relating to the current issue of real living relates to an artwork hanging in a bathroom of a Melbourne home. It's the work of Ink, a UK print poster company that is the brainchild of founders Jonathan "Joff" Casciani, Ollie Wood and Haydn Evans. They were disappointed with the offerings of print art and "wanted to make prints that showed ideas".

Which five words best describe you?

Open minded, optomist, clumsy, stupid, clever.
What was your first job and what path have you taken since?

My first proper job was doing graphic work for menswear label AJ Black, it was purely by chance as they offered me a free studio space. Then I was an artist but the experience turned me into a designer. I owe them a lot. The boss John Rowley and his wife had triplets, so he moved back to Liverpool and myself and Haydn set up a graphic design business.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way?

Try lots of things but stay in touch with what you love. If you don't love it you won't get anywhere.
What’s your proudest career achievement?

Not sure about proudest achievement, but here's a few: All the work we've done for artist John Newling, having the best-selling prints in Selfridges last year, working with AJ Black (the best menswear designer I've ever seen), designing an exhibition for the House of Parliament and currently being commissioned by a group of young talented artists to work on the design of Sideshow 2010 art festival.
What’s been your best decision?

Stop employing people.
Who inspires you?

Too many to mention, Robin Day, Earnest Race, Gilles Peterson, Charles Eames, my Italian grandmother, Sabina.
What are you passionate about?

Music (I'm a DJ), art, furniture design, particularly mid-century, food and cooking, my partner Kim, Italy, my family and friends.
What dream do you still want to fulfil?

I'd like to design a product that is a perfect balance between aesthetics and function that is still selling in a 100 years' time.
What are you reading?

I'm currently not reading, just listening to lots of Cuban music.

images courtesy of ink