Lisa Loxley's inspired by...

Lisa Loxley from Lox + Savvy is about to embark on an exciting adventure. I've already requested a spot in her suitcase. She's inspired by stationery and...

"My favourite thing to do is to surf the web, where I find inspiring people, environments and creations. This has lead me to up and coming paper artist Chloe Fluery. A mix of digital and handmade installations, she illustrates and hand makes things she’s passionate in life about [cupcakes and fashion] by use of cardboard, paper cutouts and various fabrics to create and build life-like, colourful, playful and dream-like worlds. Her vision is far and wide, and I particularly love her newly created project ‘The place I live’, which is a series of 3D pop-out poster installations featuring her favourite neighborhoods of San Francisco [where she currently resides] to express the colourful diversity of her world.

"I’m currently working on a newly formed project I have created ‘the paper convention’ which will be a collective festival/event/incubator, celebrating the fast-growing underground paper movement scene [since I have an innate passion for all things paper!]. I hope to involve some international paper artists/engineers, in particular Chloe.

images Chloe Fluery

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