artist and graphic guru david band

I had seen David Band's artworks in magazines but when I saw the real thing a few months ago at a house shoot I wanted to learn more. Turns out he's not only a successful artist, but also works commercially with his business Mahon&Band creating concepts and designs for the likes of Dinosaur Designs (their Sun brochure and range was a recent standout), and North Bondi Italian Food.

Which five words best describe you? "I'll take the low road."
How did you get your start as an artist and what path have you taken since? Like everyone, I started with a packet of crayons and a drawing pad. By the end of school it was really all I was interested in doing, so I went to art school to find out where it could take me. I majored in textile design, which seemed a more interesting department than the more fine art options. But by the time I had completed my masters at the RCA I had become more interested in fine art. Four of us from the same year set up a company called The Cloth. We designed prints for the fashion scene of the eighties, record sleeves for bands of the period, and generally had a lot of fun and drank too much. We all exhibited our paintings regularly in London and Europe. I left for a few months in Australia, and never got back! I stayed to pursue my growing interest in painting. Due to an increasing interest in using my images in a commercial way, we set up the design company Mahon and Band to control the final results. I continue to enjoy working in both areas. The selfish isolation of the studio can be nicely set off interacting with clients on a design brief.
What advice would you give to aspiring artists? Remain true to your art, learn to treat it as a career, never become complacent, listen to advice but follow your instinct, and continually challenge your direction.
What’s your proudest career achievement? The next exhibition.
What has been your best decision? To leave computers to a younger generation.
Who inspires you? Anyone making a go of it.
What are you passionate about? Dinner.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Keith Richards.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? Painting the next one in a loft in NY in the fifties - just a dream.
What are you reading? Falling and laughing: the restoration of Edwyn Collins by Grace Maxwell.

images courtesy of david band and mahon&band