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With some people it's hard to know where to start. Take Kata Bayer. Do I describe her work as an interiors photographer with her partner Ferenc Varga at Product K? Or her fine art projects, which has seen her photography feature in high-end museums and galleries? But what about Raven & Lamb, the stationery range she's created that's fun and beautiful in equal measures? Then there's Friends Of Bruno, a new children's photography venture she's just launched. And all of this doesn't even mention the fact that Kata's a gorgeously fun person to be around.

Which five words best describe you? Excitable, funny, neurotic, loyal, impatient.
What was your first job and what path have you taken since then? Acting... but have been playing around with designing restaurant fit-outs, designing stationery products, graphic design, studied painting in Budapest then fine art photography in Melbourne, working as a commercial photographer on and off for the last 15 years.
What’s your proudest achievement? Not yet completed... would like to bring up Bruno to be a lovable, generous young man who will inspire others (although it was pretty cool to win the Next Level Vorsprung durch Technik Photography Award in the Fine Art category in London).
What’s been your best decision? To buy a new camera when I got paid for an acting job in Budapest at the age of 19... the one my dad bought me when I was six was a little out of date.
Who inspires you? Anyone with nice manners and no bull attitude.
What are you passionate about? Learning from people who change others’ lives for the better.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? Everything in moderation.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Living: Lars von Trier, dead: Sigmund Freud.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? Too many to list; I come up with a new one nearly every day.
What are you reading? Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Niall Ferguson

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