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Oh, what a lovely surprise. I interviewed Cameron Comer a while back for Real Living and discovered at the time that he had set up a stationery business with two other people. One of them is the lovely Nicole Hopkinson. She recently agreed to be interviewed by Daily Imprint. I laughed when she described the collaboration process at Bluebird Papergoods: "The design of all products is done by the three of us (plenty of late nights debating colours, fonts, and layouts I can assure you!)." The humour is certainly apparent in some of those cards.

Which five words best describe you? Creative, Passionate, Positive, Loyal, Curious.
What was your first job and what path have you taken since then? Selling ladies shoes in my local shopping strip. I am now well and truly on the other side of the counter and juggle running a Melbourne liquor licensing consultancy, writing about online shopping, and my newest venture with designer Cameron Comer and Samantha Duff – Bluebird Papergoods which offers a super chic collection of greeting and notecards all designed and made in Melbourne.
What's your proudest achievement? Having my first book released in Australian in 2006 (The Global Shopper) and having a US publisher release an American edition a year later! It has been an amazing journey that started as a hobby but grew into something which has given me the opportunity to meet a range of inspiring and creative people from around the world.
What's been your best decision? Purchasing my first apartment a couple of years ago. It is my complete haven in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD where I can surround myself with all my favorite things. It is a place I have truly been able to make my own and create a place that continues to delight!
Who inspires you? My parents, my friends, and people who are passionate about what they do. In recent years I have also realised that surrounding yourself with creative people can help to nurture and develop your own creativity and encourage you to see things in new and exciting ways.
What are you passionate about? Family, friends, creativity, New York City, and dark chocolate.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? Do what makes you happy – at least then you are guaranteed that at least one person will be satisfied!
Which person, living or dead, would you like to meet? Martha Stewart, Dominick Dunne, Barbara Hutton.
What dream do you still want to fulfill? To have Bluebird Papergoods stocked in every international capital city.

Images courtesy of Bluebird Papergoods and Sharyn Cairns

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