(design.inspiration) morgan wills

There's a definite chill in the air in Sydney now and so it seems fitting to feature someone who makes the most beautiful blankets and scarves. I actually first came across Morgan Wills and her wares when I was researching an article for Real Living on everything folk. I was won over by her gorgeous babushka dolls. And while I still love her designs and colours, right now I'm completely in love with the blue patchwork blanket above. Oh, and Morgan's story is quite interesting: she's actually a qualified furniture designer maker and interior designer, and spent the past 10 years in event management and desktop publishing, but during her non-work hours she's pretty much dedicated her time to making things. And she's just launched her website where you can shop online.

Which five words best describe you? My husband says I am…..munificent, passionate, creative, colourful and loving.
What’s your proudest achievement? Being a finalist in Expressions 2008: The Wool Quilt Prize (National Wool Museum – Geelong) in 2006 and again in 2008.
Who inspires you? People who are in touch with their creativity and are passionate about what they do; especially those that seek to master their craft and are devoted to expressing themselves through their chosen medium.
What are you passionate about? I have 100 things that make my heart sing: Advent Calendars, Agga wood stoves, A-line skirts, Anodised Aluminium, Apples, Author Paulo Coelho, Babushkas, Bandaids with pictures, Basil, Birkenstocks, Blankets, Bob Dylan, Buttons, Cake stands, Calico, Cardigans, Cats, Champagne, Coffee first thing in the morning, Colour, Craft markets, Creeks, Crochet, Cubby houses, Cyclamens, Dark Chocolate, Dinosaur Designs, Dolls houses, Dr Seuss, Dress ups, Empire line dresses, Felt beads, Fornesetti faces, Frangelico, Gaudi, Gina Garen dolls, Gingerbread houses, Golden books, Grant Featherston furniture, Grass Roots magazine, Haighs Chocolate frogs, Inari, Japan, Karmann Ghia, Kewpie dolls, Kilt pins, Kitsch religious iconography, Laminex tables, Lanterns, Laughing, Lavender, Le Creuset, Lip gloss, MAC makeup, Magdalena, Marimekko, Metallicus, Mirka Mora, My daughter Kitty, My husband Sam, 1950s domestic illustrations, 1950s kitchenalia, Op shops, Outré Gallery, Paper dolls, Pegs, Pocky, Rae Hamon (NZ Artist), Ramen noodles, Recycling, Red hair, Reggae, Rosewater spray, Scarves, Sewing machines, Shinto temples, Silver jewellery, Singing silly songs, Soap, Succulents, Tapas, Tea cups, Tea towels, The Beatles, The number 22, The sound of my daughter laughing, Tiny drawers, Toad in a hole, Trees, Tupperware, Valiants, Veggie gardens, Vince Jones, Vintage sugar bowls, Wedding Kimono Fabric, Wicker washing baskets, Winter solstice, Wonton noodle soup, Yum Cha, Zucchini.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? How to harness the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Nelson Mandela – it would be humbling.
What’s next? My new product range for winter 2009.
What are you reading? Predominately emails and I also try to read the local paper, as well as the various magazines I subscribe to… which mind you, are in a huge untouched stack beside the bed… Hmmm…

Images courtesy of Morgan Wills