(home.inspiration) Hollywood regency-style fabric combo

I recently moved house and I'm going absolutely crazy re-decorating. Crazy in a good way. I'm loving it. Although, I do tend to get overwhelmed by choice sometimes. And it can be tricky having a partner who actually wants to have a say. It would be sooo much easier if he just said, "whatever you want dear". So I'm head over heels for this combo, I think it's got a touch of Hollywood regency to it, don't you? Anyway, my husband doesn't like the Peacock Green velveteen. He says it's too shiny - reminds him of bedspreads in Holiday Inn-type hotels. Ouch! But looking at the yellow velvet sofa in the David Jimenez house that features in the April 09 issue of real living, I notice that it too is shiny. Can velvet be shiny and not look cheap and nasty? Love to know what you think.

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