(babyccino.) kid-friendly restaurants

I'm quickly learning that have a little one is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. I'm obsessed with the term "helicopter parenting" that I read in Cookie magazine a little while back. There seems so much anxiety among the mothers I know about doing the right thing for their children. As my time is getting more and more stretched, I'm becoming more and more relaxed about being a mum. One such example is food. I know some mothers wouldn't dare let their child have cow's milk until they were completely off breast milk or formula or whatever they're giving to their child. Well, I made myself a capuccino the other day and gave a little milk froth to my little C and he loved it. In fact, he was like a little bird chirping for more. And no adverse reaction. Which reminds me of a comment by Robin Barker in Baby Love. She says it's silly that mothers withhold from giving their children cow's milk for fear that formula provides much more nutrition. She questions if the formula manufacturers aren't just pushing a guilt trip so more mums buy more of their product. Whoops, that turned into a bit of a rant, when what I really wanted to say was that now little C is eating more finger food, I'm thinking about kid-friendly restaurants. What are you faves?