matthew williamson

Stronger colours on this cover - my preference

The colours look faded and a little dirty in

comparison with the cover above

Love the wallpaper (design AND colour), the mirror and console

Brave choice - turquoise with fuchsia pink and then a hit of kelly green

Clever use of mirrors and like the orange

window frames - who'd have thought?!

A light installation in a stair well - great use

of a normally bland, empty space

Stainless steel is a bit boring but the pink more than compensates

I've seen a gad-zillion mood boards in my time but

never in a bathroom. Like it. Like it a lot.

The man - who I once met in London (he's tiny!) - on a sofa

that is not really my cup of tea

I thought I'd post some pics of UK fashion designer Matthew Williamson's cool and colourful London home - after talking about it here - which features on the cover of the latest Elle Decoration magazine and has previously been on the cover of Domino magazine.

Yep, it's pretty out there and even I don't think I could live with quite so many electric hues I love that he has been brave. After all, someone has to lead the pack. Then the reinterpreted, distilled look will eventually make its way down into accessible homeware brands.

Anyway, love to know what you think, especially the differences between how the two magazines have styled and presented the covers (such as use of props and colour tweaks). There's a great commentary on
Mirror Mirror, which is where I sourced these pics.

Images courtesy of
Domino, Elle Decoration and Mirror Mirror

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