Tropical fish swim below the jetty on Mana island

This structure is a bure - a cool place to sit during a hot day

Escaping the crowds and enjoying peace and quiet...
while the little one learns to swim

Sunset Beach for snorkelling

A beautiful yellow hibiscus flower

I don't know if you're like me, but I have resisted Fiji as a holiday destination for years. Resorts. Tropical islands. Nothing to do but relax... No thanks, I said time and time again. I was always more of a city person - Paris, Rome, New York, Barcelona. You get the idea. But now... NOW I have a whole different perspective thanks to the little bundle of joy and energy that is my son. And I was looking forward to the trip just based on the fact that my partner was going to be there, helping to share the responsibilities of parenthood for six days. But I got so much more than I bargained for. I actually finished a book and three magazines! It was such relaxing bliss. I cannot recommend Fiji highly enough. And perhaps one of the greatest features was the people. All the locals wanted to hold little C - on buses, ferries, at restaurants. This meant we actually got to eat meals as a couple and not in shifts. Heaven, thy name is Fiji.