artist monique germon

Who better to feature than a Tasmanian when I'm about to head south for the rest of the week. Monique Germon was the creative force behind Hobart's shop Love & Clutter, which has a huge following. She's since moved on and works at the Handmark Gallery in Salamanca Place while pursuing many projects, including fashion and photography. See you next week!

What five words best describe you? Mary Magdalene meets Michael Moore.
What's your proudest achievement? When I was 19, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live, and so I became his sole carer. We had seven months together, breaking down life's complexities to single important truths. I was able to witness a rather astute businessman transform from who he thought he ought to be into who he really was. This gets "proudest achievement" because against doctor's orders, he died peacefully at home as he wished.
Who inspires you? People who believe in original thought and creativity. They are rare - those who push beyond convention and are themselves as a result. You see it mostly in scientists because they literally know things are expanding! Pollies and public intellectuals who push for justice really inspire me also because look what they're up against. I see creative practice as no different to this. Robert Dessaix, Jane Elliot, Bob Brown, Germaine Greer, Bonnie Prince Billy, Mike Parr, Peter Sharp, Nick Cave & Anna Akhmatova.
What are you passionate about? Riding horses. I have a very strict instructor named Louiz who is giving me private lessons. I love the discipline. Poetic and very physical.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? That romantic idealism needs a clever right hand.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? My great grandmother Alice, the thirteenth child of an amazing family and an apparent master of the above lesson. Perhaps there was a review needed before I inherit her wedding band from my grandmother.
What are you excited about? Robert Dessaix's next book, Arabesques out early October.
What are you reading?
Anna Akhmatova Selected Poems and On Rage by Germaine Greer.

Images courtesy of Monique Germon