artist ali noble

Looking at these artworks is like taking a rorschach psych test. Not because they look like ink blobs. But because you can see quite different things in an instant. When I first glanced I was thinking about patchwork quilts. But when I read the blurb about Ali Noble's exhibition at the James Dorahy Project Space I instantly saw a different image behind the artworks. India. The first clue was the exhibition name - Inkblot Peacock. And then the preview from James: "Noble's fluorescent felt and luxe silk compositions are iridescent and optimistic. In Hindu mythology, peacocks are revered for their ability to eat poisonous snakes without dying. As the slayer of serpents, peacocks are considered to be embodied alchemists who transmute evil into good; delusion into enlightenment." Sounds decadent and divine, and nothing really to do with patchwork quilts!

What five words best describe you? I am a seeker, maker, joker, thinker and a talker.
What's your proudest achievement? Sailing across the Atlantic.
What was the starting point for this exhibition? Textiles and Mother India. I love colour. At the moment I am getting a lot of joy from fluoro pink felt.
Who inspires you? People who just "give it a go". I love hearing about people who follow their intuition and dive into life.
What are you passionate about? Creativity, art, people, maintaining my "awe" at the world.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? I learn things all the time. Lately I'm learning that I really need to learn how to drive, but I haven't learnt to muster the courage.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? The Dalai Lama, he seems so kind and has such a cheeky sense of humour... and Viggo Mortensen!
What are you reading? I am getting into
John Banville an Irish author, and Art World.

Images courtesy of Ali Noble and James Dorahy Project Space