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The coolest - and most creative - chick, Madeley Rodriguez

There is something ridiculously cute about chicks. Who doesn't smile or coo just a little bit when they see one of these little fluffy balls of yellow. And so Madeley Rodriguez from Chick Print won me over when I saw her stationery designs on Etsy recently. But then I got to know a little about her background and wasn't cooing any more - no, I was gagging... with jealously! This talented woman hails from Cuba - Habana, no less - and lived for many years in California where she got a degree in Interior Architecture before moving to the East Coast. Now living in Brooklyn (swoon) with her husband and two daughters, Madeley created Chick Print.

What five words best describe you? Detail-obsessed, anal!, thoughtful, dedicated, homebody.
What's your proudest achievement? The birth of my daughters... and starting Chick Print.
Who inspires you? My daughters... I want them to be proud of me. And living in NYC - there's so much creative energy here!
What are you passionate about? Creating a mood, a look, a detail that will hopefully be appreciated. It drives my family crazy.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? Always to be myself and to go with my gut.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet?
Martha Stewart... for her amazing energy and creative drive. The woman is a genius!
What are you excited about? My older daughter going back to school this September so I can start designing my new line of stationery!
What are you reading? Recently I finished
Ay Cuba by Andrei Condrescu... a great read if you are interested in learning about post-cold war Cuba. Currently, I am reading whatever my daughter tells me to read to her.

Images courtesy of
Chick Print