designer sophie milne

There is a great online store called Moose which sells homewares and craft items among other objet d'art. One of my favourite finds are the works of Sophie Milne. Initially I thought her ceramics would make great presents, then I thought, "what about me!". The jug and cups are definitely going on my Christmas wish list (can't believe I'm thinking about that already).

What five words best describe you? On the verge of obsessive!
What's your proudest achievement? It’s cliche I know, but I will have to say my son Finn, everything else just pails in comparison.
Who inspires you? In a ‘ceramic sense’ I am inspired by the works of
Lucie Rie, Gwynn Hanssen Piggot and copious contemporary ceramic artists but in general I find inspiration in the people I cross paths with everyday.
What are you passionate about? Art, music, family, friends and food.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? That there are rarely mistakes that won’t be forgotten – remembering this makes me more confident to take risks and try things that have uncertain outcomes.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? I guess that would be Lucie Rie although I woudln't mind if George Clooney popped up in my cereal bowl.
What are you excited about? Curating shows at
Pan Gallery, emerging new works featuring power lines and an upcoming weekend away with the family.
What are you reading? The Divided Heart: Art and motherhood by Rachel Power

Images courtesy of Sophie Milne