artist sebastian nash

The Mosman Art Prize is well known as a great marker of up and coming artists and so I am so proud to announce that my cousin, Sebastian Nash, has won the House of Phillips Fine Art Young Emerging Artists Award as part of the Mosman Art Prize. Congratulations! He's so incredibly talented and definitely an artist to watch.

Here is what he had to say about the artwork:

"Taking inspiration from classic Chinese and Japanese coloured pigment and ink painting on scrolls and screens, as well as European artists like Egon Schiele, the softer images by Gottfried Helnwein and young Australian artist Dane Lovett I have started to paint figurative animals in washes of watercolour. Animals are our connection with the most primitive and natural parts of ourselves. They are our opportunity to step out of our urban lives and reconnect. I try to paint in a meditative head space in only watercolour and paper and I see this as reflective, calm and elegant. I love using watercolour as every wash must have purpose and yet at the same time you are working with liquid with all its natural movement and the beautiful imperfections that result. I have used a very subtle, natural colour palette with a large amount of black. Made from charcoal, black being the first pigment used by man across the world, I love it’s unpretentious, uncomplicated mark making strength."

Image courtesy of Mosman Art Prize