nursery pics

The view from my hallway to the front room, which is now the nursery/office.

This tall boy used to be the baby wardrobe of a friend. Years ago I sanded it back and varnished it. But now I think I want to paint it again. But I love the dark timber against the Guggenheim poster.

My brother bought the radio as a gift for my 18th birthday - sooo long ago now - but I still love it. The vase used to be my parents. Its from the 1970s. The lanterns were table centrepieces at a friend's wedding and she said we could take them home. I love this little collection.

The Oeuf baby bouncer the team at real living bought as a maternity gift. You just can't go wrong with chocolate brown and baby blue.

This is my teeny tiny desk. I love it though. It's actually an old kitchen table that has been restored. I have a beautiful view onto a bottle brush tree in the front garden of the apartment block.

I used to ride a Vespa and it's hard to let go of the nostalgia that those bikes bring. The metal sign is from the 1950s, I think. The little box holds a red Vespa - the same colour as my old one. The gum leaves were from another friend's wedding. She lined the pews of the church with them and for a long time they smelt amazing.

Ah, my magazine collection. Obviously I've got a stack of real livings. Also, there's a growing pile of Dumbo Feathers and Domino mags. My Vanity Fairs live in another corner. The picnic basket, which holds notebooks and writing files, is from London's Fortnum & Mason.

Yes. One of Ikea's bestsellers, I'm sure. The good-old Expedit bookshelf. However, I've transformed it slightly. I needed extra storage for baby stuff (toys, nappies, bed linen) so I covered Ikea's ugly plastic storage boxes with dandelion wallpaper from Porter's Paints.

The only problem with the storage containers was that I had to stack my books 3 deep in some parts!

And here is the baby end of the nursery - yes, it's all in one impossibly small room. The prints were bought at a Shaker Village in New England a few years ago.

The chest of drawers were bought in a shop in Narrabeen. The wooden stained filing drawer was bought on my recent visit to the Southern Highlands for $15!

I opted for a simple white cot and have kitted it out with a cot set from Bholu which has a picture of a bird and says "tweet dreams". So very, very cute.

The teddy bear used to be mine. The boy on the horse is a gift from my aunt and uncle.

Inside the drawer I'm storing nappies. Love the colour of the Melobaby change mat.

I lined the drawers with leftover wallpaper from Signature Prints. Now that drawer is full of baby wraps.

After much delay, I finally present to you pics from the front room of my flat, which is a combined office/nursery. It's kind of funny that this is a multifunctioning room as it really is one of the smallest rooms. It's probably about 3m x 3m. So tiny! But all that means is you have to get creative with how you use your space. There's actually quite a lot of storage in here, thanks to the tall boy, Expedit bookshelf (with additional storage containers) and the chest of drawers. It was also important for me that the nursery not look icky. There's so much gaudy baby stuff out there. I wanted it to be sympathetic to the rest of the flat but still be a baby space. I hope I've achieved that.