designer jacqueline morony

Now this is one girl who has found her groove. Not only has Jacqueline Morony been working as a designer for nine years, winning numerous awards but she also nurtures future design talent at the University of Technology Sydney, where she lectures and tutors in typography and branding. On top of that in 2006 she created Millicent & Frank, a design company that showcases her own range of interior design pieces. Already it is stocked in leading design retailer Space and sold internationally.

What five words best describe you? Think; Play; Travel; Imagine; Do.
What’s your proudest achievement? I was very happy when in the first six months of Millicent & Frank being launched one of my designs was selected as a finalist for the Product of the Year awards and displayed at the Powerhouse Museum. I remember being pretty chuffed that my design was inside a glass cabinet on display for all to see.
Who inspires you? I have been fortunate to work with several people during my career who have inspired me for a number of reasons. Tanya, who was head of interior design at Cox Richardson Architects and Penny who was general manager of Emery Vincent Design. Both were inspirational as they are extremely hard working, energetic women who played at the top of their field. I am also inspired by my friend Paul Clark, who not only being an amazing designer, is also a very grounded and calm person... I know I can be a little frantic at times!
What are you passionate about? I feel really torn on this one! Needless to say design plays a huge role in my life. It is my career, my hobby and my passion. Equal to design I would say friends - extremely important to have balance in life. But I am also extremely passionate about travel. I have travelled a lot over the last five years and think this is something that I will
continue to do through my life.
Why did you start Millicent & Frank? It sounds so simple, but because I thought it would be fun. My own design label meant I could determine my own design direction, respond to my interests and determine my own pathway. I had always had a strong element of the three-dimensional within my graphics work and I guess this was a natural progression.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? If you have an idea and are prepared to put in the work you can do anything. Imagination and creativity play important roles in my life, but so does courage. You have to be willing to jump in the deep end.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Andy Warhol would surely be an interesting and artistic, if not bizarre, person to share a coffee with and I think most definitely memorable.
What are you excited about? Travel plans, of course! At the moment plans are in the works for a number of places - skiing New Zealand, site seeing in Japan and Husky-sled riding in Northern Sweden... bring on the adventures!

Images courtesy of Millicent & Frank