aboriginal artists at united galleries

Emily Pwerle's "Awelye"

Liddy Napanangka Walker's "Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa"

Helen McCarthy's "TyalmutyTyek Tyek"

Liddy Napanangka Walker's Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa

The next painting I buy has to be one by an Aboriginal artist. I've loved the art from Utopia for at least 10 years now and keep seeing the prices of works that I loved all those years ago go sky high. So now I'm keeping my eye on the next batch of artists that are coming through - and selling in a still affordable price range. Enter United Galleries, which is showcasing paintings from three Indigenous women artists: Emily Pwerle from Utopia, Liddy Napanangka Walker from Yuendumu and Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty from the Daly River. The exhibition is on now.

Images courtesy of United Galleries