sarah vintage by sarah green

There is something wonderful about people who decide to take the plunge and follow their dreams. Sarah Green is a shining example. After years of working in the catering and events industries she decided to design jewellery and sell the pieces in her own shop - in Paddington's gorgeous William Street. Oh, I how I love vintage-style jewellery. There's nothing like have a unique piece that you're not going to see 100 other people wearing.

How and why did you start Sarah Vintage? I started Sarah Vintage due to my love of the vintage era and mini "mid" life crisis after years in catering and events. (I really needed a job that didn't involve 24 hours a day of physical work and one that I could be girly in - years of hair smelling like food and no nails takes its toll.) I started designing a few pieces using vintage parts and my signature Glomesh earrings and decided that a shop would be easier than selling from home and wholesaling. (Very naive!). So I just did it.
What has been the response? Fabulous! And although it is a niche market the word is spreading well.

How is having your own business different to what you expected? I have pretty much always had my own business - but this industry is very different and fickle and establishing a BRAND had been a very steep learning curve. So, yes, I expected hard work but this has taken hard work to new heights. (I am impatient and a perfectionist, which often can be a curse.) What has been a highlight? There have been several highlights: seeing my dream come together; seeing huge shop posters as other brands use my earrings in their advertising; seeing the jewels in mags; girls dressing up and coming to my Girly Nights; BUT the most satisfying thing is seeing a person in the shop go out of their comfort zone put on a fab pair earrings or pendant and watching the smile spread across their face as they realise how great it looks.
Where do you look to for inspiration? I am lucky to have some wonderful old mags that my father collected (go figure) so I have all the Vogues from the 40s onwards. My fave era would have to be the 60s as it included the glamour or the 50s and the start of the geometrics - I so wish I had been my age then not born then.

What's the best lesson you've learnt? If it was easy the everyone would be doing it - it gets me through the hard times. And to trust your gut!
If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be? I would have loved to have hung out with Jackie Onasis.

What are you looking forward to? My new projects getting underway - all I can say is it involves getting girls to rediscover their inner glamour and celebrate it! With a glass of champers, of course.
What are you reading? The last book I read was
Making Noises by Euan Mitchell. At the moment I am catching up on the latest mags - luckily a perk of the job - don't want to miss any of your own editorial!

Images courtesy of Sarah Vintage