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Before you started Kikki.K you worked as a graphic designer - what designs influenced you then? I’ve done everything from waitressing in Melbourne to being a nanny in Beverly Hills, but prior to Kikki.K my graphic design experience was purely my passion for Scandinavian design. Growing up in Sweden the principles of Scandinavian design could be seen everywhere; it was just a part of life. And today my design team and I are consistently inspired as much by new innovations in Scandinavian designs as the classics.
What are your favourite pieces from the shop? This is such a difficult question. If a product makes it through our design process, then I am in love with it! If I had to choose, it would always be one of the latest, such as our new Statement Cards. They feature sayings that can be commonly heard in the Kikki.K office, such as “Love It, Love It, Love It” and “I Wouldn’t Be High Maintenance If You Just Did What I Asked”. They’re very chic in black and white, with yellow detailing. Our new “Fashion Jotter”, which was designed to celebrate our partnership with the Melbourne Fashion Festival, is another favourite. It’s simply gorgeous. As the design itself suggest, one side is lined for note taking, and the other is plain for sketching. Love it, love it, love it!
Which products can’t your customers get enough of? Our ranges are seasonal, so the latest products always create a buzz in our boutiques. But it’s truly the stylish but practical items that make life easier that are most loved. Many people could not live without a "to-do list", and the new magnetic board has been an immediate hit as it looks good in any home or office. And you can never go past gorgeous storage boxes and folders. There are a lot of poor quality and badly designed storage items on the market. However Kikki.K’s handmade range, available in a selection of stylish colours, can transform any workspace.
Where do you currently look to for design inspiration? At Kikki.K we’re never short of inspiration or ideas. If only there were more hours in a day. Each year we take a design inspiration trip. Always to Scandinavia, and often to other design hubs. This allows us to gather inspiration of the year ahead. And, of course, we immerse ourselves in design and fashion magazines and media. Finding inspiration in interior trends and on the catwalk. Inspiration is all around.
How do you keep your creative juices flowing? I think passion is the key for most creative people. If you love what you do and you’re passionate about it, then you’ll never struggle for creativity. There are so many ideas in my head and so many things to achieve. I can’t imagine ever getting bored of delicious stationery! I’ve been a stationery addict since childhood. There’s nothing like starting the new school year with fresh stationery. I’m sure many of your readers will agree. I know there’s many stationery addicts our there.

Images courtesy of Kikki.K.