For some unknown reason, real living has quite a few house shoots on Sydney's Northern Beaches. One of the shops the stylists can't seem to get enough of us is Rust. With plenty of good reason. If I had one square of space left in my flat, I could easily fill it with some of the beautiful pieces that are on offer. The story behind how the shop came about is quite interesting, given the owner Michael Browning worked for many years in the music industry. Just goes to show that there's never a bad time to start a new interest.

When and why did you open Rust? I opened in October 2006. After retiring from a career in the music industry I wanted to pursue a long-standing interest in old furniture and decorative arts.
Why Rust? My focus is on pieces with beautiful patina, an ongoing process, much like Rust, which in the words of Neil Young "never sleeps".
What has been the response? Very inspiring - there are lots of people with the same taste out there.
What five words best describe the shop? Charming, unique, interesting, value, bohemian.
Which products can’t customers get enough of? Old French shop counters and period rattan.
Where do you look to for inspiration? European travel and French architectural magazines.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? John Lennon.
What are you reading? Walt Disney: An American Original.
What’s next? I would like to travel, discover and source wonderful new pieces.

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