weekly wrap: a week of goodbyes

My head is hurting. There's so much work to do before we break for Christmas and I STILL haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. Plus, my husband's birthday is just before Christmas and one of my very good friends has her birthday tomorrow. If my family were a little more understanding, I think I'd get them a penguin each. Adopting one, that is, from The Penguin Foundation. For $75 you get a photo, an open day invite, newsletters, etc, etc. But more importantly you will help build new penguin nesting areas, monitor penguin health and behaviour and protect the Little Penguins’ natural environment. Yes, they're no longer called "Fairy Penguins" cos that ain't PC!!!

Tuesday - The last session of Italian for the year. Had a yummy dinner at Cafe Nino. But starting to worry whether there will be enough numbers to continue the class.

Wednesday - Bye Bye Blueprint. Was incredibly disappointed to learn that the US mag is closing down. Especially sobering news in the wake of House & Garden's closure state-side, too.

Thursday - Bye Bye Christmas!!! Yes, believe it or not the festive season seems so three-months ago. We actually received Easter eggs and hot-cross buns from Hilliers today! As consolation to this madness, finally booked accommodation for part of my summer holiday in Noosa.

Friday - Four days to finish our March 08 issue. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Image courtesy of The Penguin Foundation.

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