editor bianca tzatzagos

Bianca in Venice, one of her favourite cities.

Her craft room - she's always got plenty of projects on the go.

A selection of her favourite things hang on the walls.

Me (on the left) and Bianca in Rue de Buci in Paris a few years back.

Bianca's Editor of the Year award for Homespun magazine.

You've got no idea how long it's taken for this post to come to life. I've wanted to write a post on Bianca Tzatzagos for so long but the girl is just too busy! First of all she gave me a great tip for hotel in Paris (where she'll be staying this Christmas) and it has an amazing website and interiors (still trying to track down the pics), then I went to see the amazing decorating job she's done on her home (but forgot to take pics) and then finally she told me she'd won Editor of the Year for the mag she puts together, Homespun. That was it. I had to get her to find a few spare moments in her busy schedule to send some pics through. So, dutifully, she was up till all hours last night taking pics of her amazing craft room. For those of you who know Anna Spiro or read her blog absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com then you've got some idea of the sort of person that Bianca is: incredibly passionate and creative. Whenever we catch up I leave her company on a high - she's such a positive person, and that needs to be celebrated. So, Bianca, thanks for being an amazing person. And to the rest of you - watch out: this girl is the best there is.

What five words best describe you? Happy, stressed, talkative, busy and content.
Who or what inspires you? I get inspired by lots of simple things, I think there's so much going on to be excited about. Even just walking into
Borders and seeing rows and rows of yummy, shiny, new magazines. Blogs ROCK. I also get incredibly inspired by time. A couple of hours at home can mean a wonderful transformation of a room or a whole new craft project. The potential that time offers is just sublime, don't you think?
What are you passionate about? The people I love. And continuously decorating and redecorating my place (and at the moment, Mum's house).
What has been your proudest moment? Definitely my wedding day.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? Well it may be cliché, but that's probably a good sign: to trust my instincts. It's saved me in so many ways.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? I think that's too much pressure to place on just one person!! I would like to spend a day working alongside
Martha Stewart, and wouldn't refuse if the late Coco Chanel had wanted to measure me for a suit... Or maybe I could commission a portrait from the late Marc Chagall.
What are you excited about? The future.
What’s next? Everything - that's the exciting part!

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