artist anne smith

Titania and Bottom series: Morning.

Titania and Bottom series: The Bouquet.

Titania and Bottom series: The Awakening.

Titania and Bottom series: The Sleeping Couple.

At a glance I was fascinated with these artworks. They reminded me of another world, another time and, yes, of illustrated works that might accompany a novel or text. Then the titles gave it away: Titania and Bottom from one of Shakespeare's most popular plays: A Midsummer's Night Dream. The lithographs are by artist Anne Smith, who is also a director of the Falls Gallery in The Blue Mountains, NSW. These works appear in an exhibition at Newtown Fine Art Traders until December 12.

How would you describe yourself? A printmaker/painter.
What was the inspiration behind your current exhibition? The Midsummer Night's Dream series was inspired by Shakespeare's play.
Who or what inspires you? Persian miniatures, medieval tapestries, Chagall, Picasso, Rouault, Stanley Spencer, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Opera.
What are you passionate about? Painting and etching.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? Patience.
Which person living or dead would you most like to meet? Picasso.
What are you excited about? Every new series of paintings I work on, and always the next one.
What’s next? A series based on the Mozart Opera, 'Magic Flute'.

Photos courtesy of Anne Smith and Newtown Fine Art Traders.

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