weekly wrap: silly season in full swing

The real living team arrive for the ACP Christmas party. Theme: "Entourage: rock star".

real living editor Deborah Bibby, national advertising manager Jo Biggs and me.

It's a bit of a struggle to write today's blog as I'm very tired after the ACP Christmas party last night. More on that later. Here's what else has been going on this week.

Tuesday - radio interview with Heart FM on "How to have fun without breaking the bank" - something I've become attuned to over the years.

Wednesday - had our last meeting of the year for book club and discussed Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss. The general consensus was that while there were some interesting/good sections in the book, other parts for excessively long and boring. Tried goat - yes, the animal - for the first time at
The Nepalese Kitchen: can't say I was converted.

Thursday -
Country Road product showing - will try to post some pics soon. Grey and red were strong colours and lots of chunky knits for winter. ACP Christmas Party: the theme was "Entourgage: rock star". As you can see I don't really look very rock star - all I could find in my wardrobe was bling.

Friday - recovery mode after Christmas party which fortunately included a long lunch at
Bambini Trust. Dessert was a selection of sorbets: blood orange, raspberry and chocolate. Yum!