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About three weeks ago I attended the National Art School Honours Show 07. In the back of my mind I had all those great stories of people buying Brett Whitely works when he was still a student and, as I mentioned in a recent post of Isabella Blow, buying Alexander McQueen's entire range from his degree show. I have to admit I was expecting to see a lot more works and of a much higher standard. However, there were two artists that stood out for me. One was Rebecca Pearson, whose works are featured above. On reflection they're quite similar to Kendal Murray and Lizzie Buckmaster in that they all celebrate the small and seem to be interested in preservation, particularly in glass containers and the like. I'm learning about myself - even now! Anyway, I got in contact with Rebecca and begged her to sell me one of her works (still waiting for answer - that's why I didn't know whether to share her details yet!) as well as learn more about her. I actually love her story because it shows that it doesn't matter if you get side-tracked on your creative journey.

Her story
Rebecca grew up in Queensland and moved to Sydney to study stage design at NIDA. But after her first year she decided to travel overseas, a journey that lasted six years! "It wasn't until my 30s that I decided to take the plunge and reconnect with my passion for art," she says. "It is the best thing I ever did and have had an amazing four years studying fine art. I also feel I appreciated it more having had the years of past trial and error behind me!"

What five words best describe you? Unconventional, humorous, forgetful, creative disorganized.
What's your proudest achievement? Finishing my fine art degree!
Who inspires you? I am inspired by many people. One Australian artist who I find particularly inspiring is Fiona Hall.
What are you passionate about? Creating art works that people can connect with in some way. I enjoy collecting things that have been rejected or thrown away and transforming them into new pieces of art.

What's the best lesson you've learnt? Don't give up when things get a bit tough. Its all character building!
What person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? There are many but one person that springs to mind is Cate Blanchett. I think she is a great actress and a charismatic person.
What are you excited about? Spending more time with my family and friends as I haven't spent much quality time with them while I have been studying.
What's next? I wish to continue on my artistic journey and hopefully have a chance to exhibit and collaborate with other artists.

PS If you would like to contact Rebecca she is happy for you to do so at this email address: Also, I'll post details of her first exhibition when they come through.

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Pearson.

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