photographer bernadette alibrando

While visiting Melbourne to write a travel feature for Real Living magazine I met photographer Bernie Alibrando on one of her Walk To Art tours. She set up the business in 2006 while living in New York, and adapted it to her native Melbourne on her return. She wanted to showcase all the great street art, and artists, as well as small-scale galleries that the city has to offer. Over the years she has taken Walk to Art back to New York, and also run tours in Venice, Italy.

What are you passionate about? Art, food and love too.
Who inspires you? I'm inspired by amazing business people, my parents and artists who always manage to survive!
What's your motto? To never be too busy that I don't have time to have a coffee.
What lessons have you learnt so far? My lessons have been to breathe, to keep your mind, body and soul content. To have time to share, listen and celebrate.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue their passion? If you follow your passion you will always put in 150%. My advise would be to surround yourself with experts that could help in making your passion come alive. You need a community of people who understand what you do and share the same passion. It's important to believe in yourself and not to doubt! You need people and friends who validate you!
What book is currently beside your bed? I'm reading
Eat, Pray, Love. It's a bestseller in New York. It's a great book!

photos courtesy of Bernadette Alibrando