designer jodie fried

Jodie making a difference in India.

Jodie at the Bholu studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. The latest range from the Bholu collection incorporates linen.

Jodie Fried has taken a side project - using traditional Indian embroidery skills to create beautiful homeware products - and turned it into a thriving business. While she trained as a set and costume designer, Jodie now focuses on Bholu - the Gujarat word meaning "child". The business is based on her desire to give back to communities in India where she has spent a lot of time over the years, as well as create products that are stylish and considerate of the planet.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about people, new places, and being out of my element. I love new challenges and collaborations in different cultures, languages and bringing what i can to a project.
Who inspires you? There are so many amazing people out there doing incredible things, it is hard to pin point only a few. Daily I meet and read about people who bring me inspiration in so many different ways. One of the most inspiring people I have met is an Indian man called Jayesh Patel ( Jayeshbhai is the founder of the NGO Manav Sadhna ( in Ahmedababd, India at the Ghandi Ashram, which we support. I met him eight years ago and I have forever been in awe of his incredible sense of compassion, selflessness and generosity. If I could have half of what he has in his little toe, I would be happy! My gorgeous partner Greig Fraser (, who is a cinematographer, has been a great source of inspiration for me. He has taught me about being open and confident and to SHARE AS MUCH KNOWLEDGE AS YOU CAN WITH THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. He is big on sharing his trade secrets and encouraging young, up-and-coming professionals in his industry. He has been a big cheerleader of mine to encourage me to jump and fly and follow my dreams and enjoy taking risks. I am often inspired by other young people who are doing what they can to help global change and awareness. I recently found this inspiring group of people who are the souls behind a project called Global Oneness Project.
What’s your motto in life? My motto is to JUMP AND FLY, FOLLOW YOUR DREAM AND THINK WITH YOUR HEART. We all have the strength to do this, it is just about actually taking the jump and enjoying the ride. There is not point in doing it if you don't have fun during that freefall! Give and share whatever you have, life has a superb way of bringing things back to you.
What lessons have you learnt so far along life’s journey? Never see a door closing as a lost opportunity, it just means something better is waiting just around the corner. Embrace every moment as if it was your last and live for each moment, don't wait until tomorrow. Remember that everything around you is materialistic, IT IS THE PEOPLE, EXPERIENCES, SMILES, LOVE AND LAUGHTER YOU WILL REMEMBER. From my travels, I have learnt that I am a very lucky person and compared with so many people in this world, I have so much. Meeting people from all walks of life and different socioeconomic areas provides a very clear perspective about what we all are so lucky to have day to day. I think this is important to be reminded of.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue their passion? Follow your dream, listen to people, talk to people, hear their stories, experience as much as you can and then pass on your knowledge and support to someone else who might need it. Embrace new opportunities, and the hurdles when things don't go to plan, it might just be the lesson you needed. Make mistakes, as many as you can, as early as you can, but remember not to make them twice. A small mistake at the beginning of your passion might prevent a bigger one later down the track. YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Find a good network of people with skills you can draw on, in the early days this is very important. My biggest advice to someone pursing their passion is to find and identify mentors. They may be people you simply admire from afar, or they may be an active mentor who you can meet and use as a sounding board and for some external advice. Listen and talk to as many people as you can, take it all on board and then follow your instinct. The rest will follow.

photos courtesy of jodie fried