Ari Athans is a Brisbane-based jeweller and artist.

Read her Daily Imprint interview here.

Her next exhibition Volcanic Bloom will be at Edwina Corlette Gallery from 2-23 August.

Describe a typical working day I like to start the day with an early leisurely ride around the lovely Brisbane River bike paths - it’s magical this time of year. The mornings are usually spent at my jewellery gallery/workshop. I work on the design and production of jewellery for the store and client commissions, such as wedding rings. I prepare work for the jewellers, meet with clients, order materials and lots of general shop stuff. The afternoons are spent at my home studio where I develop new jewellery pieces/collections. Sometimes I do some clay work but mostly I paint. When the kids come home from school, it’s the usual after-school stuff. I like to cook, walk the dog and then spend another hour or so in the studio. I also go to Clayschool one night a week.

What are your preferred tools, materials and equipment? In no particular order: Pantone box of coloured cards, gemstones, enamel paints, hammer, torch, pointy nose pliers, powdered pigments, wax carving, paper models of random things, BRT clay and oxides, gold, silver - all materials have their unique physical and optical properties.

How do you dress for your job? Mostly casual as nice things get trashed. I’m on my feet all day so comfortable shoes are a must. I’ve started to sew again; very, very simple dresses and tops. I have an extensive fabric collection that needs to be used.

What is the current state of your desk or creative space? Clean at the moment as I’ve just finished work for the Volcanic Bloom show at Edwina Corlette Gallery, which opens 2 August. We try to keep the jewellery benches as neat as possible as it is very easy to lose small things! However, when I am in the thick of it my space is usually messy.

What’s your approach to managing technology - from emails to social media? It’s always at the bottom of my list but essential. I have a website that needs to be constantly updated with new/sold works. I do mailouts for new collections/exhibitions. I enjoy documenting works in progress so Instagram works well for me. 

When and what do you have for lunch? If I am at the shop then we have miso with fresh veg or a giant salad.

What’s your preferred pick-me-up? Coffee and collage.

How do you combat creative lulls? I always have different mediums on the go so creative lulls are few. When it does happen I do a really good spring clean of the studios. I often find things that spark new projects. 

What role does silence or sound play in your day? I love working in silence mostly but I enjoy flicking through digital radio for old Greek folk music.

What's the last thing you do before finishing work for the day? I photograph the work whether it’s finished or not. It generates new ideas and perspectives. I then play with images in Photoshop; this works particularly well for painting. I also upload new jewellery pieces to the website.

images courtesy of ari athans and edwina corlette gallery