(illustration.inspiration) sandra krumins

I came across the work of Sandra Krumins on The Nest - an online community created by Dumbofeatherfounder Kate Bezar. I'm glad I went snooping because Sandra is not only a great illustrator but she has some interesting things to say. I particularly love this comment: "It's much better to learn as you go along and make mistakes than be paralysed by all the what ifs." Hope you get some pearly...

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(design*sponge.guest blog) emma magenta

Here is the latest instalment from the design*sponge guest blog I did last year. The original post is here. And for more of the interview - which I couldn't squeeze onto the d*s site - go here.

Burst of inspiration: Emma Magenta
Illustrator; author

How did you develop the “Magenta” character? She evolved from drawing at the front desk at Berkelouw Booksin Paddington for many years. I would stick my...

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(design*sponge.guest blog) kat macleod

Here is the latest instalment of the design*sponge guest blog I did last year. The original post is here.

Illustrators: putting art in motion

What are books, mags or blogs without images? And they can’t be just any old pic – no, they have to take you to another head space altogether. In recent years illustration has really crossed into new territory – inspiring while still, well, illustrating –...

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(art.inspiration) raquel mazzina

A while back Raquel Mazzina was recommended to me as an artist to watch in an article I wrote for real living. Two years later I'm still loving her bold and brilliantly coloured brush strokes. It's no wonder Raquel cites de Kooning as an inspiration.

Which five words best describe you? Passionate. Determined. Loyal. Playful. Dreamer.
What was your first job and what path have you taken since then?Ca...

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(art.inspiration) darren gannon

When I interview interiors experts they often say to buy the pieces you love and they will naturally go together with what you have. I hope the same holds true for art because I have quite varied tastes. From the bold strokes of Joel Dickens to the geometric colours of Gemma Smith, and slightly out-of-step with the others, the refined brushstrokes of Darren Gannon's works. He recently exhibited at...

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(art.inspiration) chris chun

The planets are obviously in alignment for Chris Chun. I first came across him and his work when we did a profile on him in Real Living a while back. At that time I wasn't featuring many artists on my blog - perhaps for fear they wouldn't respond to my questions! (I had some funny ideas about the aloofness of artists). But recently I received an invite to the latest exhibition at the Washhouse...

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(art.inspiration) martine emdur

Sometimes I get blown away by artists. Not just by the sheer scope of their talent. But by just how "normal" they are. I think many of us think of artists as other-worldly people. After all, they have special talents and can make their hands work in mysterious ways. But I think it's also because galleries can be such austere, cold, inhuman places. And so it's hard to imagine the lifeforce than...

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(art.inspiration) michael muir

I don't know if you've ever kicked yourself about not buying a piece of art. I have. I still have the invitation tucked away in a box full of old journals and movie tickets. I can't remember the name of the artist off the top of my head, but I can vividly recall the painting. It's a landscape of North Bondiat dusk. The lights are low and the houses are painted in beautiful warm hues. I see this...

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(design.inspiration) keri smith

At first I was drawn to Keri Smith because of her illustrations, which have been featured in The New York Times and publications by Random House among many. And while I'm still drooling over them, I feel like I've stumbled over something much, much more profound and of interest to how I view the world. Don't you just love when that happens. Keri has published a book called How to be an explorer of...

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(art.inspiration) fiona kennedy-altoft

I just find these paintings by Fiona Kennedy-Altoft irresistible. Love the colour. They make me smile and I just think, "How can you not feel happy when you look at them." It seems that I'm not the only person who feels that way. Her work was featured in one of the houses that we showcased for our "next month" ad in the current Real Living and her phone has been running hot.

Which five words best...

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