xmas wreaths

Christmas is fast-approaching, although for those who work on magazines it seems like a fleeting memory. We're about to finish the JanFeb 11 issue of real livingand are already working on our March and April issues. But, this year, I feel more prepared for Christmas than ever before. After all, I have about 6 Christmas wreaths I can hang from almost every door in my home. The pictures above are...

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crafter jenny ryan

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crafty ideas from office shoot

I never EVER thought I would ever do anything crafty. You see, I'm the girl who had to get a boy to finish my sewing project at school because I was doing such a terrible job. Me and sewing machines just didn't mix... then. NOW, well it all seems a different story, but I still haven't actually used a machine. Just lots of cutting, stitching and fumbling my way through. But somehow I'm really...

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the crafty minx kelly doust

Just before the summer break I went to the book launch of The Crafty Minx. I always try to get along to these events because I'm fascinated to learn the process that goes into creating a book. It's also an interesting insight into what authors are actually like.

I enjoyed hearing publisher Kay Scarlett speak about the "Minx" herself, Kelly Doust. She described the first time they met. Kelly was...

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crafter tamara maynes

I've been a fan of Tamara Maynes's work for a long time. I just didn't know it. It's amazing how some people are quiet achievers. They have a constant output yet are varied enough in their projects that you don't think, "Oh, there's another work by them." In the case of Tamara, it's perhaps because she creates so many bespoke pieces - so she's melding her art form to the desires of others. Either...

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shop owner allison jones, lark handmade

The December 09 issue of real living goes on sale today and we've featured the shop Lark Handmade. I interviewed Allison Jones about her shop for the magazine but was curious to learn more about the woman behind what's possibly the cutest shop in the world. Here's what she had to say:

Which five words best describe you? Positive, hardworking, excitable, shy, hopeful.
What was your first job and what...

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inchmark journal's brooke reynolds

Brooke Reynolds is such a good art director with the craft projects she features on her blog Inchmark that she even makes someone like me think I can whip up a calico bag, bake a customised cake or get quilting. It's all because she has such a beautiful, pared back aesthetic. It's not surprising Brooke was a senior art director at Martha Stewart Kids and Martha Stewart Living. Also, I really...

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designer caroline colom vasquez

I came across the work of Caroline Colom Vasquez's brand Paloma's Nest - there's also an etsy shop - via Nathalie from Imprintables on a photo shoot (she's going to be featured in an upcoming issue of real living). I loved it instantly. I thought you might too. (Oh, and Caroline lives in Austin, Texas, which seems the place to live if you're a creative, artsy type. Definitely going on my list of...

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textile artist tara badcock

While there is no doubting Tara Badcock's skill with embroidery, it is perhaps her wit that sets her apart from her peers. She has applied it to cushions and bags, as well as tea cosies. While the Tasmanian textile artist grew up on a farm, she lived for some time in Paris, and has returned regularly over the years. Tara's connection with that country is in evidence through her work too.

How did...

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