i got the blues

It's been a tough week, with my beautiful little C heading off to daycare while I returned to work - I wrote about it here. And then to top it off my mum's cat had to be put down this morning. My brother and I picked her out as a kitten as a Christmas gift 13 years ago. I'm welling up just thinking about it. How is it that things so small and furry can make such a way into our hearts and minds?


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designer mademoiselle a. aka thymbyl designs

I recently featured one of Thymbyl Designs' advent calendars here and loved so many of her other items for sale - which included not just her crafty projects but gorgeous antique finds from antique fairs and high-end flea markets in Germany, where she lives. I was curious to learn more about the mysterious Mademoiselle a.

Who inspires you?People who think outside the box and who don't swim with...

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advent calendar - part ii

Yes, more babushkas! These designs are from Thymbyl Designs

And something beautifully simple from Nuvo Nova

I love these simple ideas for advent calendars, too. (If you recall from
here- I'm on a searching mission.) And I'm definitely a fan of having an advent calendar that has a gift inside. Of course, it can be a teeny tiny gift, but I think it adds to the fun of each day... and is probably good...

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advent calendar - part i

It's all Belinda's fault. That's my colleague and friend Belinda Graham from real living, renovate + decorate and mini meez. But Lisa Tilse has to shoulder her share of the blame, too. They both got me obsessing about advent calendars after this post here. So now I'm looking high and low for a great one. Of course, first port of call was Etsy where I found this incredibly cute version at GongyAndS...

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designer sarah fordham

As someone who cannot sew to save her life I am doubly impressed by these gorgeous cross-stitch brooches. I could buy them all. It was so hard choosing which ones to feature. So, in the end, I went with ones that reflect a little something of my likes (except the rain clouds - but they're so cute!). Check out Sarah Fordham's Etsy sitebecause you'll be sure to find ones that are perfect for you....

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artist shannon rankin

I'm always fascinated by how each of us interpret art differently. When I looked at these images by Maine artist Shannon RankinI was thinking about peace. I guess it's the doves. But I wasn't just thinking about peace in terms of an end to wars and fighting, but finding an inner peace. This is especially on my mind given the continuing economic woes that are reported on the news each morning. Then...

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stylist rachel brown

Styling is one of those professions. When you first learn that it's basically a job whereby people get paid to shop, it seems incredibly unfair... and perhaps a little too easy. But it's deceptive like that. Magazine stylists have to always be ahead of the times with trends. They have to create completely new looks for different magazines. Their job often also entails doing the equivalent of...

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designer madeley rodriguez

The coolest - and most creative - chick, Madeley Rodriguez

There is something ridiculously cute about chicks. Who doesn't smile or coo just a little bit when they see one of these little fluffy balls of yellow. And so Madeley Rodriguez from Chick Printwon me over when I saw her stationery designs on Etsy recently. But then I got to know a little about her background and wasn't cooing any more -...

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artist katherine charlton

"Doing time"
"Spilt milk"
"Little birdy"

The woman with the magic pencil, Katherine Charlton.

There's a great little website called which showcases the handmade work of creative Australians. Great for gift ideas. One of my favourite artists is Katcharly- the work of Katherine Charlton who says she is "most happy with a pencil in my hand. When I'm drawing or painting I'm always miles...

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photographer elizabeth soule

You may recognise some of these images - I featured the works of Elizabeth Soule a little while back - click here to check out the post. Now that she's finished moving, she's been able to tell us a little about herself. Enjoy.

What five words best describe you? Critical, crafty, observant, silly, inquisitive.
What's your proudest achievement? I'm pretty proud of just getting my work out there. It's...

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