(fashion.inspiration) shona joy

I have to smile because as I look at some of the pictures above, and others on Shona Joy's MySpacepage, I see quite a few outfits that are in my wardrobe. It's a weird sort of experience. But it's a happy one because I love the feminine but fashionable edges to the pieces. I have a few of the ruffled blouses. It's no wonder the shop assistant at the flagship Bondi store recognises me and Little C...

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(interiors.inspiration) james andrew

I have a confession to make. I LOVE people who are passionate about life. Okay, so that might not come across as so much of a revelation given that it's one of the criteria for my blog. But I can't emphasise enough how much I get inspired when I come across people who embrace life to the full. They don't live as a pedestrian but as the driver of their destiny. I get energised after spending time...

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(fashion.inspiration) alexi freeman

Oooh, I'm excited. Which is a good way to be on cold, Sydney winter morning. I've found another fashion label that I love. This is no small achievement. I'm very fussy when it comes to clothes. I like pieces that are feminine but fashionable, and prefer if they're not high street because I have a phobia about seeing someone wearing the exact same thing I've got on. Slightly neurotic, perhaps. But...

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(design.inspiration) lynneke tromp

I love how small the world is sometimes. That's how I found about the creative talents of Lynneke Tromp. She knows Nick Young from Two Ruffians, who is the partner of Clair Wayman, who styles for real living. Lynneke is a Melbourne-based designer who uses Amy Butler fabrics. Enough said, really.

Which five words best describe you?Natural, Honest, Practical, Loyal, Relaxed (some even say I have a...

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(styling.inspiration) kathy mckinnon

She has been named one of the Top 10 Costume Designers in Australia. And has also done track work with legendary horse trainer Bart Cummins. Talk about variety! But I know Kathy McKinnon for her styling work. Her elegant Sydney home will soon be featured in real living magazine. For now, though, enjoy these examples of her work, and her interview.

Which five words best describe you?Creative,...

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