Finally, I understand why so many people love the works of Frida Kahlo. I have to admit they were a little lost on me previously. You know - the works where she has her unborn son son levitating above a bed. A little too much information, perhaps. And a little too surreal. But I think once you have more of an appreciation of her life story - and what a tragedy that was - her paintings can be seen...

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the diving bell and the butterfly

Can I just say now that I'm in love with Julian Schnabel. I've written about my crush before. But after finally getting to watch The Diving Bell and The Butterfly it's getting to become a full-blown obsession. I'd love anyone to recommend a book about Monsieur Schnabel. I HAVE to learn more!

Oh, and the film - divine. Beautifully shot. An inspiring story. Definitely worth watching. It made me want...

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barack obama

It often gets overused - the saying, "where you were you when..." - but I truly believe that today will be one of those days when we will want to recall and relive the moment when we learnt that Barack Obama was going to be the next president of the United States of America. I was in a corner shop in Bondi. I had locked myself out of the apartment - don't ask! - and was walking the streets for...

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lauren hutton

This image of Lauren Hutton stopped me in my tracks when I was checking out The Sartorialist the other day. It's ridiculous, really, that a high-profile woman who chooses not to have botox and plastic surgery is someone to take note of. But that's the reality of our youth-obsessed culture. So, thank you Ms Hutton for showing how beautiful ageing can be.

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

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julian schnabel

The Gramercy Park Hotel is one of his recent projects.

His "palazzo" in New York.

Inside his digs.

One of his films.

The man.

Flicking through the latest Elle Decoration I saw one of the homeowners had a book on Julian Schnabel. Oh, how much would I love that book! It was not that long ago that Vanity Fair published an article on Mr Schnabel's Venetian-style palazzo he's built in New York. The...

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catherine deneuve - part i

Catherine Deneuve is in Sydney at the moment as a guest of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival. It got me thinking about what an amazing woman she really is:

Because she is a mighty fine actress.
Because she stayed mostly away from Hollywood but still (perhaps because of it) had an exceptional career.
Because she was a peer with Brigitte Bardot but didn't let her style go to the dogs (no...

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karin upton baker

Wonder woman - Karin Upton Baker.

The style queen with Australian media personality Deborah Hutton.

Because she turned Harper's Bazaar into a must-read magazine during her tenure as editor-in-chief.
Because the magazine won seven Magazine Publishers Association awards within the first 18 months of her being in the job.
Because she was invited to step as editor-in-chief at US
Harper's Bazaarafter the...

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lee miller

“Self Portrait in Headband,” New York, 1932.

“Lee Miller and Pablo Picasso—Liberation of Paris,” 1944.
“The Suicided Burgermeister’s Daughter,” Leipzig, Germany, 1945.

“Women with Fire Masks,” Downshire Hill, London, 1941.

“Picnic: Nusch and Paul Éluard, Roland Penrose, Man Ray, and Ady Fidelin,” Île Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes, France, 1937.

“Portrait of Space,” near Siwa, Egypt, 1937.

Lee Miller is...

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margaret atwood

Because she's a brilliant writer.
Because she's prolific and yet so diverse.
Because she has written some brilliant books about the subject of writing such as Negotiating with the dead.
Because she made "speculative" futuristic/sci-fi books (which I usually hate) such as The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake completely compelling.
Because she's going to publish her worst reviews on her website...

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patricia field

Doing her own thing.

Love that zany red hair, and the brave hat.

Where would SATC be (or SJP for that matter) without Patricia Field.

T-shirts you can buy from Patricia Field's shop. I actually bought the red and blue one, far right, when I was in New York last year.

Because she dresses kind of kooky and doesn't seem to give a damn.

Because she never played it safe dressing the girls on SATC- yes...

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