“I have arrived at the point as a photographer where I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of a photo I want hanging on my walls,” says Carla Coulson. The Paris-based Australian photographer is currently working on creating a series of fine art prints, some of which are already available on her website. She’s also working on her ninth book. Several of the bookshave been collaborations,...

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“Even in the most difficult phases, at the beginning of my career, when I didn’t have enough clients or commissions to plan for the future, I knew that it was only a question of time, patience and perseverance,” says French illustrator and graphic designer Marie-Laure Cruschi. But two years ago her career turned a corner. “Luck came my way, or the planets were best aligned, or I just started to...

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artist anthony j white

Many artists dream of working in New York and Paris. Australian abstract artist Anthony J White has made it happen. After being based in the USA, he is now in Paris where he has a permanent studio. Anthony’s artworks, which have received several awards and allowed him to participate in a collection of residency programs, are held in public and private collections in the USA, Japan, France, Germany...

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illustrator janelle burger

The internet can launch careers. Little over two years ago Janelle Burger was living in Fremantle in Western Australia and decided to upload her illustrations onto Tumblr. Since then she has had commissions from across the globe, including Vogue Girl Korea and Net-a-porter magazine. She now lives in Paris, making a living from her illustrations. Some of her work is available via Etsy.

Which five...

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