(interiors.inspiration) robbie nicol

Ah, the world is a small place. A few months back I came across the work of Robbie Nicol. I was interested to learn more and so organised an interview and to see her portfolio. Unfortunately, the file of info fell to the bottom of my desk until I had a big clean up after real living's recent relaunch. Then, as it happens, a few days later I was talking to my mum who had just run into Robbie. You...

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(styling.inspiration) karen cotton

Someone whose work we're about to feature in real living is Karen Cotton. She's a journalist who's also a stylist who's also an outdoor furniture maker through her business Porch Furniture. Click on the magazine spread images to see them in more detail - beautiful work.

Which five words best describe you? Caring, capable, communicative, creative and constant!
What was your first job and what path...

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(interiors.inspiration) james andrew

I have a confession to make. I LOVE people who are passionate about life. Okay, so that might not come across as so much of a revelation given that it's one of the criteria for my blog. But I can't emphasise enough how much I get inspired when I come across people who embrace life to the full. They don't live as a pedestrian but as the driver of their destiny. I get energised after spending time...

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Here is the latest instalment from the Design*Sponge guest blog post I did last year. To see the original post, go here.

Stylist Shannon Fricke - Editor of interior books Colour and Space (Murdoch Books); also interior stylist, writer and TV presenter.

How and why did you start working as an interior stylist?I grew up with a mother who had a passion for both fashion and interior decorating. I...

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(shop.inspiration) jocelyn van hoven @ heaven in earth

There are two types of gardens that will always make me wistful. An English garden, planted with rhubarb, strawberries, gooseberries, apple trees, roses, pansies and daffodils, such as what I had when growing up. And scrambling French countryside gardens, places to hide and seek, such as where I stayed as a child during family holidays. And so there is so much that appeals to me about Heaven in...

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Oh, wow. That's pretty much all I can say. Wow. The work of Olga Naiman is out of this orbit. You may recognise her name from the good-old Domino days as she was a regular stylist for the magazine. But if she's new to you then you MUST check out her work on her website Aparat because you'll be inspired for hours afterwards.
Which five words best describe you? Seeking wonder and beauty always.

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Here is the latest instalment from the design*sponge guest blog I did last year. The original post is here.

Megan Morton - stylist

She’s one of the busiest stylists in Sydney, if not Australia. And she’s had her work featured in international publications, including Vanity Fair. Megan has worked extensively across Australian interior and lifestyle publications and has a client base that includes...

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(interiors.inspiration) simon carver

Recently at work everyone was asked to "bring a pic of your ideal home". Easy you might think. Well, not entirely. Not when you spend all day every day looking at amazing homes. My initial reaction was to panic and think how on earth am I going to go through every homes mag I've got at home and make a decision - I am, after all, stilltrying to decide what fabric to upholster my sofa! But then I...

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(design*sponge.guest blog) clair wayman

Here is the latest instalment of the design*sponge guest blog I did last year. The topic for the next two women is "Interior stylists: women who make it look easy!" (Megan Morton will be featured next Monday). The original post is here. Enjoy...

Today… I want to showcase two incredibly talented and inspiring stylists. The first, Clair Wayman, is someone whose work I pour over every day and she...

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(styling.inspiration) kathy mckinnon

She has been named one of the Top 10 Costume Designers in Australia. And has also done track work with legendary horse trainer Bart Cummins. Talk about variety! But I know Kathy McKinnon for her styling work. Her elegant Sydney home will soon be featured in real living magazine. For now, though, enjoy these examples of her work, and her interview.

Which five words best describe you?Creative,...

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