These handwoven baskets from Baba Tree are a beautiful way to add form, materiality and interest to your home. Purchasing these baskets helps to support a community of artisans from the Gurunsi community in Ethiopia. 

They have a beautiful story but they are useful too. If you are wondering how they might work within your home, here are 5 different ways you can style them.

1. To add a sculptural element to your hallway

Sometimes hallways and entryways become utilitarian spaces — particularly if we have children. Adding a basket with a sculptural stem of foliage or a palm frond is a great way to add interest and height. 


2. To introduce verticality and weight to your sideboard or display

Part of creating a beautiful vignette on your sideboard is using a mix of elements and using pieces of varying visual weight. A larger piece will act as a focal point and you can taper down with smaller pieces from there. Adding foliage like olive branches or dried natives will also create movement in your display.

3. As a beautiful storage solution for children's toys

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to store children's toys and books in a beautiful and tidy way — these baskets are ideal for this. They have patterns and colours that will suit a more playful interior and the drum style has a wide opening so it's great for collecting loose toys at the end of each day. You might find they fit perfectly under your child's bed, chair or bench.

4. For extra cushions and blankets in your living room or bedroom

During transitional seasons, you might find you have extra blankets and cushions in your living room or bedroom that still need to be pulled out from time to time. These baskets are ideal for storing these — it will add a decorative element to the space too.

5. To catch towels and clothes in your bathroom or laundry.

A simple way to catch used towels or clothes in your bathroom or laundry until they are ready for washing. Place them on your counter, on shelves or tuck them under your vanity.