Father's day is a day to acknowledge our fathers or the special men in our lives. There are many ways to celebrate Father's day — most commonly it is with a purchased gift but it doesn't have to be. A kind gesture for Father's day can be more thoughtful and can be as simple as making and sharing a meal, reflecting on family history and the fathers before or spending time in the garden together.
Below, we have listed some of our favourite ways to express our thanks to the dad we love dearly. 

For many fathers, sleep is the most appreciated gift of all. Followed by breakfast in bed. Or a good coffee. Simple and thoughtful.

A thoughtful card
Start the day with a thoughtful card listing reasons why you are thankful and appreciate the support that they provide and offer to you. The simple gesture of making and handwriting a card is very thoughtful and often means a lot to the person you are giving it to.

A book of handmade vouchers
Spend time creating a collection of vouchers with activities that you and your father can do together, e.g surfing, bush walk, massage — which he is free to use at any time throughout the year. A great activity for kids too.

Pack a picnic
If you can, make a nice lunch for dad and pack it up to take and enjoy outside in nature. This could even just be in your garden but getting outside, breathing in fresh air and enjoy your time together is good for the soul.

Make something together
It is always so joyful to sit down and make something together — whether that be artistic such as working with clay or painting. Or it could be something like building in the garden or writing music. Working together to create something on Father's Day is such a lovely gift.

Board game tournament
This is something we love to do. Set up some of your favourite board games and play them with your family until you have an ultimate board game champion.


However, we understand that sometimes time is precious, so if you do need a last-minute gift, here is our edited Father's Day gift guide.