The act of making things for enjoyment isn't always present in our day-to-day lives but stepping away from the end of year work & life busyness and embracing this time can be so grounding. Creating beauty with intention can still the mind and bring you back into the present moment, at a time when it may be needed most with all the noise this time of year can bring. Here's few ideas to encourage you to create & celebrate in your home this festive season. 

1. Create your own wreath
Creating a beautiful wreath doesn't have to be expensive or wasteful. If you don't own a metal ring, you can create your own by bending and tying young, soft twigs or branches to make the circle shape. You can also use a thick but flexible wire to create a ring shape if you have some at home.

Next collect some branches or deep green foliage from your garden to get started and build it up from there. You can also give dried stems that you may have in a vase in your home a new life by incorporating them into your wreath. We love keep things simple & tonal with greens and whites.

2. Make a sustainable gift
There is nothing more thoughtful than a homemade gift. And a gift that will encourage self-care and ritual is all the more rewarding. Homemade bath salts is a beautiful, sustainable & natural gift idea with plenty of opportunity for creativity. Mix together a blend of epsom salts, coarse sea salt, baking soda, essential oils and dried flowers or herbs like lavender and rose petals then jar ready to gift.

 3. Build a festive platter
Create a beautiful, festive platter to share with friends & family. You could bring this when visiting a friend's home in lieu of a gift too. It may sound silly but being intentional with your colour palette when sourcing produce is so important. Create visual layers with tonal in-season produce like cherries and ruby grapes, nuts & seeded crackers. And shop locally for cheeses and dips to give back to a small business. Serve on a timber board with some beautiful rustic knives and enjoy!